Mid-Continent Tool and Molding, Inc
7200 N.E. Birmingham Rd. Kansas City North, MO 64161

Injection Molding Equipment

Mid-Continent Tool and Molding, Inc. has been engineering and molding high tolerance parts in Kansas City since 1955. Serving such industries as Medical and Sports equipment suppliers with high tolerance, high quality parts built to the exact specifications these customers require. Our staff ranges from tool and design, process engineering and quality assurance that follows current ISO standards to high speed production specialists. Mid-Continent is also certified in FAA and FDA applications to meet stringent federal guidelines for our customers and also work on lean manufacturing principles.

We are a full service manufacturing facility led by partners Kevin Godsey-CEO, Kerry Godsey- President and Ken Godsey COO. Kevin, Kerry and Ken handle the day to day production, shop and customer-buyer relations, as well as new product design and quality. With nearly 60 years of molding, sales and manufacturing experience, Mid-Continent Tool and Molding, Inc. can handle any project big or small. Our company prides itself in fast turn-around times and shorter production lead times than the industry. We utilize modern techniques, equipment and training to reduce product cost and set-up costs that most companies charge a premium to provide. Our plant is equipped with 15 computer driven molding presses ranging from 50 - 1,000 tons. We have full service equipment to accommodate secondary operations and fabrication capabilities to meet the demands of our customer part assemblies. We also do insert molding of all types. With our central location in the middle of Kansas City, Mo. Less than ½ mile from I-435. We have excellent access for transportation by truck, rail or plane within 20 minutes of our plant. Email, or call to schedule a visit or request a visit from one of our corporate staff. You will see why MCTM is the company for long term commitments to your product and company in the field of plastics injection molding. We believe in a hand shake and fair business. Give us a try.

Mission Statement

It is the Goal of Mid Continent Tool and Molding, Inc to set the standard for the industries we serve and to be the organization by which others are measured.

The following principles will dictate our actions as we continue our quest for excellence in all that we do.

  • We will strive to achieve a company-wide committment to continuous improvement in all areas of our business.
  • We will maintain the highest standards of honesty and intergrity in all the relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers, service groups and our community.
  • We will always utilize the best techologies in mechanical, statistical, and management techiques to effectively bring high quality products to the marketplace and to insure employee and customer satisfaction.
  • We will embrace change as a vehicle to the future success of Mid Continent Tool & Molding, Inc.
  • We will at all times, remember the customers we serve as the life blood of our company and the priviledge to service them. We will never forget what makes this company great..... Our Customers!